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Earth Science Technology Office (ESTO) eBooks are web-based management tools for ESTO-sponsored proposals and awards. ESTO eBooks provide the users various functions to help manage ESTO proposals and awards, such as submitting a deliverable to ESTO, reporting a project's TRL update, and evaluating proposals.

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Award Administration eBooks
Award Administration eBooks enable electronic submission of technical progress reports by ESTO Principal Investigators to their respective COTRs and Program Managers. Users may also submit Quad Charts, TRL Assessments, and any other publications or presentation files available. The eBooks also facilitate communication between PIs and managers, as well as review coordination.

For ESTO eBooks technical support, please contact REI Systems, Inc., (703)-480-9100, ebooks@reisystems.com, Monday through Friday, from 8:00AM to 5:00PM Eastern Time.

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